The Best time of the Year to Travel to Greenville, South Carolina?

Today travelers from across the United States and the world visit South Carolina to experience a land steeped in history and spend time shopping and enjoying the local foods. South Carolina is a state with plenty of opportunities for anyone who wants to get back to nature. Whether you’re a history lover or looking for a family-friendly destination, South Carolina is a getaway for everyone. It’s, however, important to note that there are some definite high seasons in this state. Everything will depend on the kind of activities you plan to do in this gorgeous place.

Touring South Carolina in fall

The temperatures in the months of September and October tend to be relatively mild despite the fact that there could be rain showers. If you’re looking for the best time to tour the antebellum mansions of Charleston, SC, this is it. If you also want to spend some time sipping sweet tea alone on a picturesque veranda, plan to travel here in fall. You won’t find a lot of families in South Carolina during this time since schools will be back in session. That means you get to have a better pick of restaurants and accommodation.

Touring South Carolina in spring

For travelers who want to spend some time enjoying the outdoor activities and smelling the flowers, visiting in early summer and late spring would be the ideal time. You’ll go about your activities without facing the threat of extreme heat. If you’re a golfer or an outdoor enthusiast, plan to visit in April and May. Although some attractions won’t be open until May, visiting during that month will allow you to pay lower prices compared to those paid when summer tourists and families start coming in droves.

Beaches in summer

There are people whose idea of enjoying or having a great holiday vacation is all about spending time soaking up the sun on a warm beach. If you belong to this group of travelers, traveling here in summer would be the best option. You should, however, note that the heat can be sweltering from late June to the end of the summer season. Remember, things can get worse on the beaches during Memorial Day and Fourth of July as people flock the beaches. Of course, this will depend on how you look at things. You may consider visiting the upcountry since the temperatures could be more bearable.

Beat the Crowds in winter

Some of us are just filled with thoughts of heat and crowds whenever we’re planning for any trip. Well, why not travel in winter then? If you live in colder climates, you’re likely to find beach locations and low-country areas pretty mild. Despite the fact that amusement parks and activities that involve swimming will be closed in winter months, you’ll still get most attractions in South Carolina open during this time. Visiting during this time means spending less since most things are least expensive. Don’t forget that there are exceptions during the Christmas season and the New Year ’s Day.  Thanks to St. Mary’s School (private school augusta ga) for making this article possible.